Quick Cable Hat + Polka Dot Spots Hat

I got my hands on this beautiful yarn by Louisa Harding and I made 2 hats for Hannah and me so we could be twins :)

Hannah's Polka Dot Spots hat's notes you can find here: Ravelry.
My Quick Cable hat's notes you can find here: Ravelry.


2013 Quilt - Queen size

I finished this quilt right before January 1 and it rounded up my 2013 maker's year. At first, I planned to use pinwheel pattern for the front and just randomly select fabrics for the back. It turned out that pinwheel front is not my style, and I prefer the back of this quilt much better so I use it as a front.


Bye bye 2013!

Happy New Year, everybody! And let 2014 be so much better than 2013.

These last 2 days I have been thinking over all projects I finished this year and what I learned about my style and preferences. It's fun learning about myself as if I am a stranger :)

  • I started 2013 finishing crib size quilt for my daughter Hannah and I am finishing 2013 with another quilt, queen size! I experimented with different patterns and found out that for me the simpler the better. I also prefer making lap size or crib size quilts to queen size :)
  • This year I dived into sewing mainly with knits. I got Brother 1034d serger and I love it! I made tees for my husband, daughter and me. I am still looking for a perfect tee for myself. I drafted a tee pattern for my husband using madmim tutorial. I prefer her older version of tutorial for some reason. I get better fit with it. I also found out I hate sewing neck bands. I like Pattern Scissors Cloth binding tutorial though.
  • I also found out and I was actually surprised that I want instant gratification and I rush and I make dumb mistakes. Lesson to me: slow down and enjoy the process.
  • I am still learning about my style and what I like to wear. And what colors I like. And what flatters my body. I take this as ongoing process that will evolve all the time.
  • I also found out that I prefer sewing in the morning to the evenings. In the evenings I like knitting!
  • I would like to sell my collection of vintage patterns because I am not going to use it. And I want these patterns to be happy and find them a new owner that could actually use them!
  • For Christmas I got a book on draping and now I need a dress form to start learning. I actually used draping when I was a kid and I was making clothes for my Barbie girl. I didn't realized that I actually used draping haha!
  • I started knitting again and I love it. Over summer I knitted Aryn Tunic cardigan and it was fine until I decided to wash it and block it wet. It got so long and now I hate it and put it into frog-me pile. I finished knitting 2 sweaters for Hannah and 2 hats for Hannah and me so we coordinate now :) 
  • I really hope 2014 will be better than 2013 and I will do more projects that fit me and my style! And I also would like to take more time to work on fit and make a muslin and then use nice fabric. 
Plans for 2014:
  • I really hope 2014 will be better than 2013 and I will do more projects that fit me and my style! And I also would like to take more time to work on fit and make a muslin and then use nice fabric.
  • Finish Archer. I sewed one up back in April and the size was too large on me and I also lost weight so now it looks like I took my husband's shirt. Sleeves are long, shoulders are super large, and don't ask me about back. I think I have narrow back by the way. Archer is my style!
  • Finish Moss skirt. I am still on muslin phase and the size looks good.
  • Pants! I love Jamie Jeans by Named.
  • I want to use all the patterns I have before I buy a new pattern. Good thing I am not alone in this!
  • I would like to change the design of my blog. Like I said the simpler the better. 
Happy New Year! Stay positive and everything will be alright!


Yellow Dress for H

I finished this dress a while ago and it was a little bit too big on H but now I think it fits ok. Personally as much as I want H to wear dresses, it is not practical. She falls pretty often and she likes playing in dirt. She usually wears some leggins and t-shirts.

As for the dress, it is McCall's M4424. I added ribbon to the front as an embellishment and added under-skirt. Is there such a word?

The back

The front

The side


Tutu and another tee for Hannah

Last Sunday we were invited to H's friend's birthday party and I made a no-sew tutu and a new tee for H.

How to make a tutu:

You need elastic and 2 yards of tulle. Maybe 1 yard could be enough, but the skirt won't be so full.
  1. take a 1/4 elastic, wrap around your kid's belly and tie a knot. 
  2. cut tulle into strips. I eye measured how long I want the skirt to be. 
  3. and now the fun part: fold in half each strip and tie around elastic. 

I used grey and purple colors and grey color strips turned out longer than purple ones and I like it. Now I want one for myself :) I actually found a good tutorial from By Hand London that I want to use.

For tee I used trusty Banyan tee and this fabric from Girl Charlee. I loved the fabric look BUT! your iron needs to be set to lowest temperature. If it's too hot, the gold dots will melt. Hannah also left some tomato stains on her shirt so I handwashed right after and of course instead of stains the gold dots got washed off. Such a bummer specially when you spend time picking fabric, then paying for it, then sewing with it and it gets only one use. Not cool. Anyways, Hannah was a star at that party :) Random people at the park thought it was her birthday :)

My little ballerina

Hannah and birthday boy

I love the way she walks here