Dixie DIY's Hot Cocoa and pattern grading

Tried myself at pattern grading and played with Dixie DIY Hot Cocoa Sweater. Not too bad for my first try. I still had trouble with that neckline and it turned out too baggy in the back. Other than that it's so warm and i love wearing it at home when it's too cold.



Archer Sew Along: one tip

I am following Grainline's Arher Sew Along and yesterday it was Day 6: Assembling the Back Views. I was working on my back pleat and couldn't wait till next post and attached the upper back too. While sewing these 3 pieces together I couldn't make that pleat stay put so I basted the pleat 2 inches lower. Maybe this tip will help somebody out there :)
View from the backView from the front


New duvet cover

One morning I woke up hating my current bedding. I don't like its color, or quality, or anything. So I decided to make some new pillowcases and a new duvet cover.

Duvet cover turned out huge and it is really hard to take a picture but it is so homey and comfy and it brings so much light to our bedroom. I love it! For the front I used all my flowery patterned fabric that I had for over 2 years and I am really excited about it. For the back I used a flat sheet I never used.