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My to do list

Right now I am working on Banyan tee for Hannah. I'm sewing it very slow on purpose as I want to pay attention to every detail and learn new techniques. I've noticed that I have a problem here :) I usually want to finish project asap and think 'Oh, next time I will do it properly', or 'Oh, next time I will use french seams.' and so on. I don't like it and I am working on changing it. Also, I realized today that I don't have a plan what I want to sew next.

1. I want to try myself in lingerie stitching. I have a vintage pattern from 80s of undies. - DONE!
2. I want to sew shorts! I like this pattern by Grainline studio: Maritime shorts
3. I love skirts and I want to wear them more often. This Moss Skirt by Grainline Studio looks nice!
4. And this Tiny Pocket tank top is actually on my must-have-this-summer list.
5. This Darling Ranges dress should be good too.
6. Maybe a Tiramisu dress?
7. Charlotte skirt
8. Another dress Elisalex ?
9. And of course Mathilde blouse

That's a lot :)

P.S. I am still tweaking this blog design.


15 min

15 min way of sewing changed my life! I was inspired by this post by Tilly and The Buttons and decided to give it a try. It works! Before I would not start working on a project if I knew I didn't have at least 30 min. With a baby it's unreal. There is always something that distracts me. And I would push back a project after project. Weeks would come and go and I wouldn't sew anything. So, now I am sewing 15 min every day. If time is up and I still can go on, perfect. If not, it's good too as I am sewing what I have planned before. The result: one pj top for my daughter, pj sweatshirt for me and I just cut out fabric for my daughter's Banyan tee. I am too tired now to stitch it, but I still feel like I accomplished something. Whatever works to boost my creativity :)


Color: Yellow

I did a quick challenge on instagram to post 5 shots of color yellow:


It was a winter of hats

We went to Boston to see our friend for Christmas and I knitted hats for three of us:
Graham hat:


Amstel hat for me and I Heart Cables for my daughter: 

P.S. You can find me on ravelry!