Tutu and another tee for Hannah

Last Sunday we were invited to H's friend's birthday party and I made a no-sew tutu and a new tee for H.

How to make a tutu:

You need elastic and 2 yards of tulle. Maybe 1 yard could be enough, but the skirt won't be so full.
  1. take a 1/4 elastic, wrap around your kid's belly and tie a knot. 
  2. cut tulle into strips. I eye measured how long I want the skirt to be. 
  3. and now the fun part: fold in half each strip and tie around elastic. 

I used grey and purple colors and grey color strips turned out longer than purple ones and I like it. Now I want one for myself :) I actually found a good tutorial from By Hand London that I want to use.

For tee I used trusty Banyan tee and this fabric from Girl Charlee. I loved the fabric look BUT! your iron needs to be set to lowest temperature. If it's too hot, the gold dots will melt. Hannah also left some tomato stains on her shirt so I handwashed right after and of course instead of stains the gold dots got washed off. Such a bummer specially when you spend time picking fabric, then paying for it, then sewing with it and it gets only one use. Not cool. Anyways, Hannah was a star at that party :) Random people at the park thought it was her birthday :)

My little ballerina

Hannah and birthday boy

I love the way she walks here